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With an annual production of more than 450 million tonnes, rice is the world’s most important cereal for human nutrition.

Rice trading has a worldwide volume in excess of 30 million tonnes a year.

Since 2009, UCI has been a major rice trader with a solid network of international and local partners. At United Commodities Inc., product selection, inspection and monitoring are paramount, so that end customers receive a quality product at an affordable price.

UCI goal is to remain a major rice trader in Liberia, and other countries of the Mano River Union. UCI’s long-term vision is to maintain an active involvement in rice production, processing and trading in Africa.


As a player in this market for a number of years, UCI is now becoming a major sugar trader on the Liberian and Sierra Leonean markets.

This is a significant market as Africa imports some 3.3 million tonnes of brown sugar and 4.3 million tonnes of white sugar each year.

UCI sources the product principally from the leading suppliers in the world, taking advantage of its network to expand into new source markets and increase it’s competitive edge.

United Commodities’ goal is to extend its business relationships in Africa, in order to become an unparalleled sugar trader on the continent.

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